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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Just finished the rough draft of Hawkmaiden

Unfortunately behind schedule, due to the holidays, an unexpected return to the hospital, various Boy Scout events, oh, and that work thing I do.  The good news is that the first half of the book is already back from my esteemed editor, Once I deal with the student historian election, the student play practice, the last Pinewood Derby, and the Scout Freezeout this weekend, I'll be doing a quick rewrite and ship it off to my esteemed proofreader, who is bugging me for it daily.  In a nice way.

Still, I went back and looked.  I published Spellmonger's Wedding in August of 2013.  Road to Sevendor anthology in September 2013.  Magelord in September of 2013.  Knights Magi in March, 2014.  Then High Mage in October, 2014.  Now it's January, 2015, and I'm about to pump another one out.  That's close to a million words in just under 2 years.  Maybe not the best million, sure.  But still . . .

In other words . . . suck it, George R. R. Martin.  Stop counting your money and write.


  1. Woo! Can't wait to be able to read it. I've gotta say, after reading your series and the amount of detail that goes into the characters and the world around them I can't seem to find any other really GOOD books to read. I've even reread your series multiple times now.

    Please, is there any chance you could start up a Facebook page to also announce this stuff? I don't entirely mind constantly checking this site/blog (Whatever it is. I don't really understand it. I just know whenever I put it "Te" in the search bar, the first option is here now so I click it daily.)

    I feel like Facebook would be a huge benefit for interacting, especially on top of the posts here where you could probably go in to much more detail or post things like you did with Stonesinger..

    Thanks for the hard work Terry, Definitely better that George R. R. Martin and his 5or 6 year bloody breaks between each book. :s

  2. I can't wait. Any idea on the ETA yet?? I'm happy to proof read for you if you want - I'll buy the book too through when it comes out.

  3. I'd totally pay double the asking price for the book NOW in order to read it early if I could. I'd even throw in the whole proofreading aspect and point out as many mistakes as possible ;o.

  4. Hello everybody,

    I just wanted to tell you all that I created a Spellmonger Series page on TVtropes, and anyone who wants to can feel free to add to it, as I can't maintain it all by myself

  5. YES! Keep up the bloody brilliant work! Cannot wait for Hawkmaiden so your news is excellent and just what I needed.
    As to your productivity I recognise that you're a most industrious writer and that we, your readers, are in fact, completely spoilt. But you know how the saying goes: more does indeed want more.

  6. Just wanted to say thanks for all the updates and awesome books! Also happy birthday!

  7. Awesome work as always Terry kudos to you.
    You might not be a literary epic like Sanderson and Rothfuss but your books are engaging and fun to read.
    Your worldbuilding and the characters impact on the world is so exciting.
    And your strongest quality is the character interactions and personalities which in turn leads to some really golden moments.
    Keep up the good work looking forward to more books from one of the more underrated fantasy writers along with Trevor Cooley (bowl of souls).

    PS: im currently re-reading Magelord on Kindle and im at the part of Sire Cei's wedding.
    There seems to be a part of the text missing in the section regarding yeoman Vano's tribute.