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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Great Rectification Has Begun!

Wanna see something cool?

Yep.  Those are real dead-tree editions of Spellmonger, now available here ( for your reading pleasure.  It was one of the surprises I wanted to get done before Christmas that didn't get done before Christmas.  But I just approved the proof today, and if you really want a slightly re-edited dead tree edition, that's where you can get it.

The corrections made for this edition are the first in the Great Rectification, the part of my career where I go back and lovingly tap all of my previous works into line for the sake of consistency and quality.  The updated Kindle should be available to you, although you may have to contact customer service to get it pushed out to you (and it will destroy the copious personal notes you made on the original).  As many as 70% of the typos were corrected in this edition, and chapter headings and minor re-writes were done throughout.  The same will be done for each of the Spellmonger books in turn.  And yes, this is a stepping-stone toward getting the Audible versions done, too.  And then some translations.

In other news, I'm back to writing again.  I didn't get into the two NIH studies that were interfering with my composition process, and my avoidance diet seems to be keeping me out of the hospital, so I'm back at work on Court Wizard again.  While I won't give a firm release date, because I'm just that way, I would prophesy that it will not be done before late February, at this point.

That's still WAAAY before George RR Martin will have his next book done.  Just for reference.

So as I'm feeling better, not getting sick, and ready to write again, expect me to resume my previous speed.  More news as events warrant.


Friday, September 25, 2015

Revised Writing Schedule

According to my original writing schedule, I should be getting close to releasing Hawklady in a few days or weeks.

That's not how things played out.

I have a rare medical condition known as dysautonomia, and over the course of the last ten days or so I have enjoyed three separate ER visits followed by hospital stays.  If some of you may recall, I had an attack just a day or so after the release of Enchanter.  Same thing, only a longer and more vicious attack this time.

While my brilliant wife is figuring out what's wrong with me in connection with the entire medical research establishment, that has put a damper on my writing, and after consultation with the docs I'm going to have to slow things down for the rest of the year, while I accommodate some medical-related travel, tests, and shamanistic practices.  That wouldn't be a problem, if I'd been writing the 17 chapter, 90k word Hawklady at the time.

I wasn't writing Hawklady at the time.

When I got back from my hiatus after the post-Enchanter hospitalization, instead of sticking to the schedule like a good boy, I started writing (and have continued writing) Court Wizard, Pentandra's story, instead.  I'm a good bit into it, and hope to get a good deal more into it in the next month, but thanks to the whims of the gods an the nature of managed care, I don't have a definite release date, page count, or other details just yet.  Hell, not even sure how it ends yet.  But it should be over 150k words and likely out sometime in October/November, but I cannot promise anything yet.

Here's what I can promise:

1) Special Yule Surprise in terms of marketing/worldbuilding . . . details to come! (Excited about this one - Lanse of Bune is all over it)

2) YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST: CreateSpace and Audible versions of Spellmonger are in the works!  Details to come!  More books to come!

3) More shorts.  Yeah, yeah, I know, you've heard it all before.  But you'll see more shorts before you see another novel.

4) More updates.  I'm recovering, so I've been ignoring things for awhile, but I'm ramping up a bit now.

5) Yes, I've been working on TO.  No, it's not finished.  Yes, you'll be the first to know.

Thanks, folks.  I was so hoping for six books and six shorts by the end of the year.  Let's see what happens.


Monday, August 3, 2015

Back to writing.

After a hospital stay immediately following the publication of Enchanter, and a subsequent much-needed vacation from Spellmonger, I knocked out the first chapter of the next book yesterday.  It will still take me awhile to get back in my groove/routine, but IF all goes well (heh) and Ifnia is with me, I'm hoping to have it out by the end of September.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Enchanter Final Kindle Edition Live!

Find it right here:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

The edits remove at least 70%of the typos!

Also find special bonus section in the book, "A History Of Gramary By Master Ulin of Setria" . . . 

. . . and a new, never-before-seen short story, "Checkered Past".  

Also now available on Kindle Unlimited.  As is Hawkmaiden, for the first time:

Sales of the Beta were strong - thank you!  I'm going to be taking most of July off from Sevendor, but I'll be cranking around the first week in August on Hawklady.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Enchanter (Beta) Spoiler discussion thread

If you've grabbed a copy of Enchanter and want to vent, here's where you can do it.  If you haven't read it yet, don't read the comments here, because they will be laden with spoilers.

Sales have been stellar of the Beta version.  Enchanter debuted at 1054 on the total Kindle sales list, and jumped up to 662 before I had my coffee.  That's nice, because I'm feeling poorly after my transmission fiasco.  Good news on that is it might be a $20 fix, not a $2000 fix.  Gotta figure out which divinity specializes in transmissions so I can thank them properly,

  Some more artwork in process: a selection of traditional cummocks, the standard tool of arcane medical practice.

Go ahead, discuss.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Enchanter Beta is up!*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Feast, my friends.  Hope it doesn't suck.

Considering a Beta release . . .

Okay, I'm down to the annoying Finishing Touches stage of the process, but I've still got outstanding art, maps, and corrections coming in.  The book itself is more or less done, and I'm pretty confident that the changes coming will be minor, Maybe this is the wrong crowd to seriously consider me postponing release until it's "perfect", but as it stands I have a book essentially ready to publish.

I know y'all are used to me doing a beta release, and most of you have come to see my grammatical and editorial errors in an affectionate light - I'd like to think it was part of the unique charm of witnessing the growth of a fantasy world, but that could be a complete rationalization.  I've improved my craft and used two outstanding folks to improve the final quality of the prose.  It's my ultimate goal to get to the point where I release a ready-to-read book up to professional publishing standards.

Thing is, I'm a self-publisher, and while my professional aspirations are high, this format is an emerging art.  I'm willing to take advantage of the ephemeral nature of electrons to release a Beta product and correct and augment it for a hard release come July 1.  During that beta release, Enchanter would be available for sale only, at a slightly reduced price ($4.99 as opposed to $5.99) and would not be eligble for KDP Select borrowing until July 1.

That's just under two weeks of having to suffer an imperfect product.  I don't think that's unreasonable, and anyone who wants to wait for the finished result can do so.  There's also risk in that.  The book might suck, and early reviews could tank it.

So what do you think?  And just to give you something else to stare at, here's the basic plan of Minalan's new gatehouse.  It's unfinished, yet, as the final exterior hasn't been designed, but this is what the structure is planned to look like, peeking over the shoulder of Sevendor Castle.