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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Spellmonger gets a Discord server! New fansite!

It is my pleasure to announce a new fan site for the Spellmonger series on Discord! 

Constructed and managed by superfan and recognized Knight of Sevendor, Sir Aaron of Schwartz, this site will have both fan and some "official" content, including, mayhap, a few exclusive short stories, eventually.  While it's a work in progress, I look forward to seeing a more comprehensive forum on Spellmonger, as I develop and write the second decalogy.  Fan input is hugely important to me (I get 4-5 fan letters a day, now) and I really want to know what parts you like best, which ones you don't, and which ones you hate. 

Ghost Rock: The Spellmonger Series Discord Server and Fan Site:

Work continues on all projects, albeit more slowly than anticipated.  I had a busy summer, and nearly lost some data with a hardware crash, but things are nearly back on track.  I'm working to revise Court Wizard for audiobook at the moment, but I'll be back to composition etc. before you know it.

Thank you all for your support, and an especial thank you to Aaron, who has gone above and beyond for this series. 


Thursday, June 14, 2018

Going to be at HeroesCon in Charlotte this weekend . . .

. . . Booth 520.  I'll be there Friday and Saturday before taking off Sunday morning for Father's Day.  Come out and get a rare autographed copy, chat with the author, and get a chance to ask me your most burning questions about Spellmonger!  If bandwidth permits, I'll try a Facebook livestream from the con.

In other news, Journeymage will be available on on July 3rd!  Yay!

In yet other news, writing comes along at a clip -- just not as fast as I would like.  Sky Rider is late (although nearly complete), Trask's Odyssey has made significant progress but is still not ready, and I have a bunch of short stories that I've started and need to finish.  It's been a busy year.  Here is a recent interview I did that explains this in a little more detail:

In yet other, other news, both the Atlas of the Five Duchies and the gaming module project are proceeding apace.  I'm hopeful to have an announcement about both of them by the end of the summer.

Do not despair.  I've been writing like mad, as well as working on the next series of audiobooks.  Once we catch them up with the written series, things will smooth out a bit.

Thanks again for reading, and for all of your support!


Thursday, March 29, 2018

High Mage Audiobook available for Pre-Order!

The link you all have been demanding: the preorder for the Audiobook of High Mage!  Get it now!  

In other news, I've about wrapped up the corrections on Journeymage audiobook, and it should be released directly.  No, I don't know how directly.  But Podium is cranking these out as fast as I can revise them.  Still cranking on Sky Rider (plenty of Spring left) and other stuff.  

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Yes, she's real.

Meet Cinder.  She specializes in chewing up fingers, toes, shoes, and writing schedules.   She'll be making an appearance in Sky Rider.  If she'll get off the damn keyboard.

7 weeks old, likely an Australian Shepherd mix.  She herds our cats (Mystery and Puzzle -- she's smart enough to leave Lucifer alone).  Most playful puppy ever.  Not conducive to writing, perhaps, but she's learning.  Now if I can just train her to make me coffee . . .

Oh, yeah.  High Mage audiobook will be released APRIL 3rd! 

Back to work.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Happy New Year!

Hey, folks, Happy New Year!

I know you have been begging for an update – or at least proof-of-life – so I thought it was time for that.  Long story short, I’ve been resting and recovering from finishing Necromancer, handling some personal business, and enjoying the holiday season.

I’ve always had a deep and abiding love for the winter holidays, and after the effort of Necromancer I felt I owed myself and my children some dedicated time and effort to them, this year.  A grand time was had by all, and provided some much-needed restoration.  Then I finished off with going to Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC, to celebrate my 20th wedding anniversary with my wife, Laurin.  Lastly, I’ve been grieving the death of my father, who passed away a year ago January 3rd.

This last bit has probably preoccupied me more than anything else, honestly.  Writers are weird.  Our grief process is often tied up in our need to express our emotions through prose, and I credit the dedication I had to finishing Necromancer in large part to my need to process my father’s death.  Yes, I know, Necromancer didn’t deal with that sort of thing . . . but it’s not so much the subject as the process. 

Thankfully, I have few unresolved issues with my dad.  We had a great and loving relationship with few of the father/son issues that typically crop up.  Most of my process has been about understanding my new role in the family and in life, without my father’s constant presence and support.  Having seen how grief can affect a person, I’ve had a relatively easy time of it. 

So now I’m rested, relaxed, and ready to hit the new year with ambition.

Alas, some of that ambition will take months to appear.  My focus this month is on finishing up some stuff with the printed versions of the book, starting the next audiobook adaptation, continuing to organize the Atlas, and working with Aaron Schwartz on developing the first Spellmonger D&D module.  Oh, and trying to get the basic website up.  And arranging art.  And sending out long-overdue fan gifts.  And planning a local book release party at Gallery 71, because, y’know, I just gotta. 

And that’s January.

February and beyond will involve Skyrider, the first short in a while, and Trask’s Odyssey.  I’m also hoping to catch up on some fan mail.  And continue to roll out audiobooks as fast as possible. 
But to warn you, I’m setting up for the next 10 book cycle.  That involves a lot of research.  What I can tell you about the next book is that it will be called Thaumaturge (unless I change it), it will be Min-focused, and it will concern how he tries to build his desolate fief in the Wilderlands into Sevendor 2.0.  while dodging undead lords and gurvani and figuring out how to make snowstone and appease the Sea Folk.  Hilarity ensues. 

It’s going to be an industrious, but quiet, year.   I’m still looking for a good venue for a TV deal, and a lot of this year will focus on prepping the ground for that.  Don’t look for me often on FB – as much as I enjoy it, it’s a time-sink.  But I will continue to keep you abreast of developments here and, when it’s ready, on the new website, as well as FB. 

(And let’s be honest . . . I’ve already started writing scenes for Thaumaturge.  Even though I promised myself I wouldn’t.  I just can’t be trusted . . . )

I hope all my Spellomongrels had a safe and happy holiday season, and wish you a serene Briga’s Day!


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A Hallowe'en Miracle! Knights Magi Audiobook is Available for Pre-Order!

Knights Magi cover art

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Blatant Self-Promotion Post!

Necromancer is steaming along beautifully in both sales and free reads (did you know that you can borrow and read everything in the Spellmonger Series as a member of Kindle Unlimited?) and I'm terribly excited about next month's proposed (which means it ain't set in stone) release of Knights Magi on audiobook.  The audiobook response has been particularly gratifying, and I will be spending much of the next year on the Great Rectification that brings each audiobook to life. 

That's partially because such work needs my attention, which I can't spare while I'm composing in the same universe, and that's partially because I need to take a breath and spend a year plotting out the next ten books in the series.  I know where I want to end that arc, it's a matter of selecting which books/characters will get me there.  I also want to fill in the cracks in the first ten books, releasing promised stories and some bits on favorite characters who deserve some attention.  Looking at Olmeg, Sire Cei, Zagor, Gareth, Banamor, Reiel, Iyugi, and other wizards in the Greater Sevendor Metropolitan Area.  That's in addition to the stories about Tyndal, Rondal and the Kasari getting rescued by Ruderal, the Ugliest Maid in Castal, the Bathhouse of Sevendor, and other tidbits I have lingering, half-finished, in the murky depths of my hard drive.

Plus, I can get back to and finally finish Trask's Odyssey.  It appeared that it was going to be the next book, but then momentum and excitement got in the way.  At a certain point it became clear I couldn't continue giving equal time to both, and one, unfortunately, had to yield.  I'm pushing to have it done by Christmas.  If my wife lets me.

But first . . . I'm  preparing the edits to correct Necromancer.  I'll announce when the "final" version is out.  It will mostly be minor things to correct typos and such, and I'm still waiting on some of my edits to get back, but that's in the near future, for you spelling-and-continuity mavens.  Briga bless you.

Now, on to the "blatant self-promotion" portion of the post . . .

I am, currently, available for interviews and participation in some regional (think East Coast, but I'm open . . .) conventions in order to help promote The Spellmonger Series, the auidiobooks, Necromancer, etc.  If you know of a blogger, vlogger, or other fantasy-oriented venue who wants to sully their medium with my opinions in a craven attempt to garner viewership, y'all know my email address: tmancour at gmail dot com.  

I will also be holding a Book Release Party (experienced authors know not to schedule such things until after the book is released and is a hit -- I'll take #359 on Kindle Total Sales as a "hit") at Gallery 71 in Hillsborough, NC, in the near future to celebrate.  More deets as they emerge.

Some random notes:

1) Necromancer's cover was done by my 15 year old daughter, Morrigan Mancour, with surprisingly little direction or oversight from me.  It's an "indy" cover, and I'm totally cool with that.  It's her first cover, but not her first commercial sale nor am I her first commercial client.  But I'm more than willing to take advantage of her cheap labor.  Thankfully, under North Carolina's draconian Right to Work laws, I can force my children to work for a family enterprise, free of charge.  That said, I'm paying her proper journeyman's wages for her work.  Into her savings account.  Because my brilliant, artistically talented daughter is still a fifteen year old girl who pierces her ears without her parents' approval or consent (both of which were forthcoming).

2) I cannot express enough my appreciation to superfan Aaron Schwartz, who (likely to the detriment of his academic studies) gave me enough important insight on the first 20 chapters to know how to contend with the rest of the book.  There are a few of you Spellmongrels who go way above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to my work, and I am eternally thankful for your vigilance.  The contributions you make through your discussions and passionate opinions have an affect on the course of the series even if it isn't obvious.  I had a two-page email this morning discussing the exact weight and density of snowstone.  That sort of thing leads to plot points.

3) I am continuing to agitate for seeing the Spellmonger Series in other entertainment formats.  If you, too, would like to see either a live-action or animated format, consider contacting Amazon Pictures or other production studios.  'Cause I haven't even gotten to the exciting parts, yet.  Ditto comics.  I'm actively searching for a comic publisher who would like to licence Spellmonger.  Preferably indy.  There are more cloaks than capes, but I can bring a bit of an audience.

4) I'm very excited about the Atlas of the Five Duchies.  For one thing, it will be more than Atlas.  A lot of my notes on the development of the region will be revealed in the work, including at least one new story and several excerpts from ancient scrolls.  It will also cover the historical destruction of Perwyn, and trace the original colony back . . . some.  A lot was lost in the Inundation and the Conquest.

5) I'm also very excited to be developing Spellmonger in an RPG format, in response to both huge fan request and my own selfish desire to roll dice.  This is still in the formative stages, but I'd consider working with an indy RPG publisher on the project.  Tell your geeky, dice-rolling friends.

6) MERCHANDISE: It's coming.  During the four cons I attended this summer, the fans were very enthusiastic about the prototypes I was showing, and I got suggestions for more stuff.  With this book, I've gotten even more.  Including plushies of Lord Fuzzypaws.  I'm looking at several specialized items, from wizards' pipes to mageblades to posters to really cool t-shirts, so if you have suggestions, leave them below. 

7) Message from my wife: "Speaking on behalf of the chronically ill, Terry is the most productive chronically ill person I know.  He is dedicated to his fans and his writing.  He hits the pavement, meets his fans, and asks them what they want to read - to the extant that he has annoyed other, more introspective vendors.  Most writers don't do that.  He reads every review, every YouTube video review, and while he sometimes doesn't have time to respond, he absorbs the feedback.  It's beautiful to watch the process of how he engages his fans and the public at large, and include their voices to the final product.  So much so that I am resigned to do without a husband during the final stages of the process.   This busy year has convinced me what an impact he's made, and the opportunity to meet and speak with his fans at the Raleigh ComicCon revealed just how much they enjoy the work.  The fan art, and when I saw the video (below) it has really blown my mind how much they get into Spellmonger.

"Terry's family is willing to suffer -- a little -- to see this work published.  Then we want him back for awhile.  We get Christmas.  And we're looking forward to a much-needed family vacation.  So enjoy Necromancer thoroughly, because he's MINE now!  Until the next one . . ."

8) There is a website in the works, beyond this shallow blogging tool.   It will have far more functionality and be generally prettier.  I hear they're all the rage, now.  And don't forget to like me on Facebook, even though I avoid FB for anything but book promotion, these days.  That's frequently where new announcements get made. 

9) As I close in on my first thousand sales and my first half-million page reads, I want to sincerely thank all of my fans, casual and adamant, for their continued support.  Thanks to y'all, I'm running out of dream jobs.