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Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Long Expected Update

Hey, folks, just wanted to post a brief update in response to the pleas I am hearing daily.  So here's the current plan, to be changed as needed.

I am finishing up Court Wizard, but it's taking longer than anticipated for a couple of reasons.  First, it's the second book in a kind of trilogy, with Enchanter being the first and Shadowmage being the third.  It's also written in 3rd person, instead of first, since it follows Pentandra's adventures.  So I not only have to coordinate with what happened in Enchanter, I have to make sure the right plot points/character developments jive with Shadowmage, a book I haven't written yet.

Oh, but there's more.  I'm not just writing this with a female lead, I'm doing my best to maintain a feminine perspective on the work.  That's a lot harder than it sounds.  And (at the risk of drawing some flak) it's harder to make compelling and exciting in the traditional Epic Fantasy way without succumbing to the Game of Thrones method.  Not my style.

So, it's taking a little longer than I thought.  But then the book is a little longer than I thought, and I'm ending up transferring certain parts to Shadowmage (and even Hawklady, believe it or not) to keep the continuity issues at bay.

On top of all of THAT, I'm trying to manage the entire series -- that is, make arrangements and ensure quality control of the hardcopy and audiobook releases of the entire series, by popular demand.  Hence the Great Rectification, hence the unusual friction on my writing time.  Among the things I'm doing for series management is art and merchandising.  Yes, there will be a calendar.  And coffee mugs.  And T-shirts.  But design takes time, and as I work with my artist to get the product right, it takes a lot longer than you might think.

All that being said, I'm still pushing to have the book finished and more or less ready for publication by the end of the month.  That's going to require a lot of effort on my part, but that's what I want to do.  Whether or not the gods will cooperate is up to them.

After Court Wizard, my proposed writing schedule should look like this:

July 2016: Hawklady (YA)

October 2016 Shadowmage

December 2016  Trask's Odyssey

Yes, you read that right.  Remember that this is a PROPOSED schedule.  I'm my own publisher, now, so the reality is that these dates might not be exact, but they are what I'm shooting for.

Now, in addition to both the Spellmonger and the Space Viking series, believe it or not I have two other unrelated series, both under pseudonyms (and no, not the ScrewTheAlliance stuff -- two OTHER pseudonyms) that I'm dealing with.  One has some pretty impressive potential, and my agents and I are discussing whether to go to a traditional publisher or go independent.  We're getting closer to making a decision, but all of that takes time, too.

And I also want to suggest while you are waiting that you check out my editor, Emily Harris' new novel, Avalon's Choice (, a gripping contemporary occult novel.  Hopefully she'll have the second book in the series out soon . . . right, Em?

Thanks for reading.  Bear with me.  It's coming, it's coming.