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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Release Date Of The Next Spellmonger Book . . .

. . . how about . . . NOW!

First, this isn't the next novel in the Spellmonger series -- Knights Magi will take a bit to write, though not near as long as Magelord.

This is the very first Spellmonger Anthology: The Road To Sevendor.  Those who put off buying the three shorts that bridged the gap (or filled in some details) between Warmage and Magelord can find all three of them anthologized in one place.

But that's not all . . . also included in this volume are FOUR previously-unpublished shorts set in the Spellmonger universe of Callidore.

They include:

"The Wizard of Birchroot Bridge" in which Rondal gets tasked to build a bridge . . . whether it wants to get built or not.

"The Secret of Westwood Hall", in which the Hawkmaid moves up to the big castle and Minalan learns some of the secret history of Sevendor.

"The Road To Sevendor", in which a woman who evolves a very nasty magical talent seeks out the Spellmonger  Sevendor to help her with her curse.

and "The Iron Band", in which a group of rugged warriors is given the impossible task to venture into the Penumbra and establish the headquarters for the new Royal militant order . . . if the goblins will let them.

Combined, the stories total more than 100,000 words.  While they aren't essential for reading the novel series, every now and then an important plot point gets made.

So check out The Road To Sevendor: A Spellmonger Anthology, and get a little dessert after the massive meal of Magelord!

(And it's cheap at $2.99 -- where it will stay)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Map of Sevendor

Some folks have complained that the map in the book did not display properly on their devices.  For those who want to refer to it, here it is, the original deed map to the Domain of Sevendor, before Minalan arrives:

Also, if you want to discuss the book, here's your space to do so.  Like it?  Hate it?  Why?

Thanks to everyone who's reading it.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Surprise! Magelord Is Up On Kindle

As promised, more details.

Magelord is up on Kindle now.  It's not the final version, which will be ready in about a fortnight, but it is complete and more-or-less edited . . . just not the final form.  So I'm knocking a bit off the cover until the final edition is complete.  Those who wish a pristine Spellmonger experience can wait and pay the extra little bit for the polish; those who can't wait (and apparently that's a LOT of you) can indulge in the almost-finished product at a discount.

Some might argue that this is an unprofessional way to proceed.  I would argue that the dictates of the Kindle market reward this kind of tiered-release in ways you just can't get away with in the paper market.  There are also timing considerations to figure, and the fact that no matter how polished you feel a book is, when you re-read it you realize how you should have done things differently.  The Kindle market encourages a writer to back over their book every now and then.  In my case, the recent re-edit of Spellmonger fixed a lot of issues and filed off some of the rough edges folks were complaining about (justifiably).  I also took the opportunity to bring the book in line with the sequels in certain minor but important ways.

So here is Magelord.  317,000 words.  Yes, I raised the cover-price, but considering the research, the time investment, and the fact that this is the 20th book I've written (although not necessarily published) I feel that my craft is worth that much and y'all can take the hit.  That's an awful lot of words for your money.  I guess ultimately y'all will let me know if you think it's worth the price.

The re-edit, due in a couple of weeks, will bump the price up a little, but you'll get a little more for your money, too, in terms of maps and such.  And if the reviews start coming in (hint hint) strongly enough, there may be another trick or two up my sleeve before the end of the year.

So spread the word.  Come put some medieval in your Medieval Fantasy.