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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Release Date Of The Next Spellmonger Book . . .

. . . how about . . . NOW!

First, this isn't the next novel in the Spellmonger series -- Knights Magi will take a bit to write, though not near as long as Magelord.

This is the very first Spellmonger Anthology: The Road To Sevendor.  Those who put off buying the three shorts that bridged the gap (or filled in some details) between Warmage and Magelord can find all three of them anthologized in one place.

But that's not all . . . also included in this volume are FOUR previously-unpublished shorts set in the Spellmonger universe of Callidore.

They include:

"The Wizard of Birchroot Bridge" in which Rondal gets tasked to build a bridge . . . whether it wants to get built or not.

"The Secret of Westwood Hall", in which the Hawkmaid moves up to the big castle and Minalan learns some of the secret history of Sevendor.

"The Road To Sevendor", in which a woman who evolves a very nasty magical talent seeks out the Spellmonger  Sevendor to help her with her curse.

and "The Iron Band", in which a group of rugged warriors is given the impossible task to venture into the Penumbra and establish the headquarters for the new Royal militant order . . . if the goblins will let them.

Combined, the stories total more than 100,000 words.  While they aren't essential for reading the novel series, every now and then an important plot point gets made.

So check out The Road To Sevendor: A Spellmonger Anthology, and get a little dessert after the massive meal of Magelord!

(And it's cheap at $2.99 -- where it will stay)


  1. When you say Knights Magi won't take as long as Magelord is there a proposed timeframe?

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  3. I would have sent this by email, but couldn't find an address, and somehow wound up with a Google blog in order to send this. Well...okay.

    Trask's Odyssey. I just read and liked the first two books, which I initially believed to be the only books, only to have it clear about halfway through PVW that there weren't enough "percents" left to finish off both story lines.

    I realize you have had "bigger" projects to work on in the since-2011 interim, but any idea when Trask's Odyssey will be out?

    I'm a great fan of H. Beam Piper, as I read his novels when they first came out, and have re-read them often in the ensuing years. I have by accident come across the numerous sequels to Space Viking and some to Cosmic Computer, and lots of Lord Kalvan successors. So I'm trying to read all of each author's sequels to a particular book in a complete sequence before moving on to another one. Not much choice for this series, at the moment, but to move on for now.

    I'm just hoping I can come back and finish out the trilogy (it is just a trilogy, isn't it, even though you've set it up for another story arc beyond that?).



  4. Excellent short stories in addition to MageLord. The Secret of Westwood Hall really answered some, but not all, of the mystery of the Stone Folk. The Road to Sevendor adds an interesting twist with new characters. I wonder what Radine would think, in the presence of the new character. The Iron Ring also adds the element of mages getting glass without Minalan around. It's going to be, already is, and will be messy. Gargesku the Mediocre is just one mage in the service of the dead god. What happens if there are others?

    All in all, great shorts with added info for future stories.

  5. I do realise that you are focused on the Magelord series at the moment Terry, but myself and your other Space Viking leaning fans would really appreciate any update you could throw our way concerning the next Tanith book.

    Thank's much.

  6. Seriously how is the next Tanith book coming along?

  7. Seriously . . . about half way through. I'm writing it concurrently with two other books, but I'm making good progress.

  8. Terry...can you give me the correct chronology of where all eight short stories fit in the timeline of the spellmonger series? Thank you.

  9. Can we have a new progress update for the new year?