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Friday, September 25, 2015

Revised Writing Schedule

According to my original writing schedule, I should be getting close to releasing Hawklady in a few days or weeks.

That's not how things played out.

I have a rare medical condition known as dysautonomia, and over the course of the last ten days or so I have enjoyed three separate ER visits followed by hospital stays.  If some of you may recall, I had an attack just a day or so after the release of Enchanter.  Same thing, only a longer and more vicious attack this time.

While my brilliant wife is figuring out what's wrong with me in connection with the entire medical research establishment, that has put a damper on my writing, and after consultation with the docs I'm going to have to slow things down for the rest of the year, while I accommodate some medical-related travel, tests, and shamanistic practices.  That wouldn't be a problem, if I'd been writing the 17 chapter, 90k word Hawklady at the time.

I wasn't writing Hawklady at the time.

When I got back from my hiatus after the post-Enchanter hospitalization, instead of sticking to the schedule like a good boy, I started writing (and have continued writing) Court Wizard, Pentandra's story, instead.  I'm a good bit into it, and hope to get a good deal more into it in the next month, but thanks to the whims of the gods an the nature of managed care, I don't have a definite release date, page count, or other details just yet.  Hell, not even sure how it ends yet.  But it should be over 150k words and likely out sometime in October/November, but I cannot promise anything yet.

Here's what I can promise:

1) Special Yule Surprise in terms of marketing/worldbuilding . . . details to come! (Excited about this one - Lanse of Bune is all over it)

2) YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST: CreateSpace and Audible versions of Spellmonger are in the works!  Details to come!  More books to come!

3) More shorts.  Yeah, yeah, I know, you've heard it all before.  But you'll see more shorts before you see another novel.

4) More updates.  I'm recovering, so I've been ignoring things for awhile, but I'm ramping up a bit now.

5) Yes, I've been working on TO.  No, it's not finished.  Yes, you'll be the first to know.

Thanks, folks.  I was so hoping for six books and six shorts by the end of the year.  Let's see what happens.