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Friday, September 16, 2016

Quick Question for my fans . . .

What are the best, most memorable quotes from the series?  The ones you'd like to see on, say, a T-shirt or mug?  Lance wants to know.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Shadowmage Spoiler Thread Discussion

Dish the deets in the comments below.  What did you like?  What did you find frustrating?  Who do you want to see more of?  Who did you hate?  Who do you want to see who we haven't seen yet? Were there too many llamas?  Not enough?

Oh, and here is a (hopefully) clearer map of Southern Alshar, although I don't know how the resolution is going to work.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Dropped Shadowmage . . .

Should be up in the next 12 hours or so.  Here's the cover:

Just under 200,000 words of epic fantasy.  Beta readers have been pleased.  Going to get some rest, now . . . 

Uh, wasn't George R. R. Martin supposed to have a book out by now?

Thursday, September 1, 2016

A few brief announcements . . .

1.  I hear a lot of agitation for a better map of the Wilderlands.  Here ya go:

I'll see if I can't find a better way to provide these in the future.

2.  The progress with Podium Publishing has been swift.  Still no dates yet, but I've been generating background documents as quickly as I can.  These people are consummate professionals, very impressed with their operation.

3.  I will be attending the Baltimore ComicCon this weekend, in conjunction with my Art Director, Lance Sawyers of Lance Sawyers Studio.  He's the real-life Lanse of Bune, and he's got some truly brilliant designs for all sorts of stuff.  Probably be up there on Friday, Saturday, and maybe Sunday.  If you're there, stop by and say hello.  Who knows what you might find out about the Spellmonger universe?  (No, I didn't get my printing from CreateSpace in time to actually sell autographed copies, yet, but maybe next time).  I don't do many cons, but I'll probably start to do more.  I love the Baltimore con, though.  Beautiful waterfront.

4.  I've re-arranged my writing schedule a bit.  After reviewing some marketing data, Hawklady will be delayed by a few months and get released just before the holiday season.  Why am I making you suffer?  Marketing, evil marketing.  But you won't have to wait much longer, and when I do release it I'm going to try to do the CreateSpace version at the same time to ensure that the little Hawkmaiden in your life can get a real book, not just an ebook, for your Yule.  Hawkmaiden is already at the proof stage in the process.  It will be ready for sale this month, more than likely, with beautiful new cover art from Giotta.  I'll have a firmer release date the closer we come, but look for it around late October, early November.

5. I'll be working on Trask's Odyssey, as planned, right after Hawklady.  Expect it in early 2017, as fast as I can get it done to the standards I've set for it.  I've been looking forward to finishing this for a long time.  I know you have, too.

6. Super Secret Project #1 will be published soon.  It is neither Spellmonger nor Space Viking.  It's entirely original ADULT sci-fi.  I'm taking a hell of a risk by publishing it, but, heck, y'all are adults.  If you don't like that sort of thing, don't buy it.  If you lose respect for me as an author . . . well, I don't do this for respect.  I do it for the pure indulgence in creativity and to flatter my ego (all writers do this, I'm just honest about it).  I know the work doesn't suck, but it might not be the Terry Mancour fiction you're used to.  Love it, hate it, I don't care, I've been working on it for years and it's time for its final version to see the light of day under my own name.

7. To those fans I've promised stuff to, it will be coming shortly.  I've had my hands full, but I'll be able to turn my attention to Fan Maintenance, soon.  What have I had my hands full with?  The Podium deal, of course, and the ramp-up to audiobook production.  The start of school.  Family and work obligations.  Trying to get the Court Wizard version issues straightened out.  But mostly . . .

8.  Oh, yeah.  I finished Shadowmage.

I'm going to try to have it out this weekend, next week at the latest.  40 chapters, about 190,000 words, and as straight-forward as Court Wizard was convoluted.  It's the third book of the trilogy of Enchanter, Court Wizard and Shadowmage, and yes, it does indeed advance the plot.  You'll finally see where Tyndal and Rondal were slipping away to during those books, with cameos by a lot of characters you may have forgotten about, and some new ones I think you'll like.  It alternates perspective between the boys, ala Knights Magi, and continues to develop their characters.  It will be the "rough" version, but to be honest this one flowed like mead out of the keyboard in just six weeks, and I'm taking great care with the review and preediting, so I am not anticipating any major corrections.  Amazon has had issues with these, apparently, and I'm trying to work it out with them.  They won't do instant updates, so you have to go to your bookshelf and hit the "get the latest version" button, but as I said, I'm not anticipating any major updates this time around.

Questions?  Comments?  Rude remarks?  Hit me.