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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Great Rectification Has Begun!

Wanna see something cool?

Yep.  Those are real dead-tree editions of Spellmonger, now available here ( for your reading pleasure.  It was one of the surprises I wanted to get done before Christmas that didn't get done before Christmas.  But I just approved the proof today, and if you really want a slightly re-edited dead tree edition, that's where you can get it.

The corrections made for this edition are the first in the Great Rectification, the part of my career where I go back and lovingly tap all of my previous works into line for the sake of consistency and quality.  The updated Kindle should be available to you, although you may have to contact customer service to get it pushed out to you (and it will destroy the copious personal notes you made on the original).  As many as 70% of the typos were corrected in this edition, and chapter headings and minor re-writes were done throughout.  The same will be done for each of the Spellmonger books in turn.  And yes, this is a stepping-stone toward getting the Audible versions done, too.  And then some translations.

In other news, I'm back to writing again.  I didn't get into the two NIH studies that were interfering with my composition process, and my avoidance diet seems to be keeping me out of the hospital, so I'm back at work on Court Wizard again.  While I won't give a firm release date, because I'm just that way, I would prophesy that it will not be done before late February, at this point.

That's still WAAAY before George RR Martin will have his next book done.  Just for reference.

So as I'm feeling better, not getting sick, and ready to write again, expect me to resume my previous speed.  More news as events warrant.