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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Warmage is up in beta!

Finally!  Final, well-proofed edition will be out around Feb. 1 at a buck more than the $2.99 "fans and family" price.  I feel all tingly seeing it up there after all this hard work.  Totally worth it.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Warmage: Any time, now . . .

I spent most of my birthday evening last night trying to iron out some graphics issues that were causing some serious problems, and finally did the best I could until it finally was accepted properly.

The maps are my big issue, now.  A few got mangled in the conversion process, so I'm simply going to post them here, if you need to refer to them.  The important one is for the Alshari Wilderlands.
Feel free to email me with any questions, and if you spot an editing error we missed, please let me know.  I foresee at least one more corrected edition in my future . . . 

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Hi I am Owen and I am his son.  My full name is Owen Leslie Thomas Mancour.

Warmage is imminent . . .

Having a few minor formatting issues that are keeping it from uploading for some reason, but I have people working on it.  Should be up in the next few hours, depending on how quickly Amazon processes it.

To help make up for the delay ('cause you people have been emailing me all week, gods bless you!) I've decided that from publication until February 1, I'm going to price the book at $2.99, like Spellmonger, to reward all of my loyal fans (I have fans -- that still kills me!) so that y'all can save a buck for your loyalty.  After Feb 1, it will go up to $3.99, which I justify by it being almost twice as long as Spellmonger.  You don't even have to give it a good review, I just want to say "thank you!" for taking a chance on my work.  Truth be told, I write these things to entertain myself, and I'm highly gratified that you folks think its fun, too.  I can't wait for it to be up any more than you -- I'm all a-tingle.

And thank you all for the birthday wishes!  I feel very loved.  

Terry Mancour

Friday, January 6, 2012

Rough Draft of Warmage finished. Tentative release date and pricing set.

Finished the rough on New Year's Day, and the  first part is back from the editor.  After a couple of days of much-needed post-holiday housekeeping/disaster recovery I'm starting the re-write.  Don't worry -- I don't plan on anything extensive, promise.

That being said, I'm going to go ahead and set a tentative release date of January 19th -- my 44th birthday.  It should be up at or around that date, depending on how quickly the Kindle elves process it.

It's a hefty read.  Over 250,000 words.  By contrast Spellmonger was only 133,000 words, and Spartacus was 90,000.  It's not the biggest novel I've written, I believe -- that would be my Firefly fan novel The Treasure of Lei Fong Wu, under my Browncoat pseudonym, ScrewtheAlliance.  But it's the largest completely original work I've done.

How does it compare to Spellmonger, besides being super-sized?  The plot is a little more intricate, there are more characters, there's a lot more political intrigue (feudal style) and gigantic battles, class struggle, personal betrayal, gossip, all that good stuff.  And sex.  Not explicit, but sex.  PG-13 on that part.  Promise.

The setting is northern Alshar, mostly, theWilderlands directly outside of the blind valley of Boval Vale.  It's a heavily-timbered and sparsely peopled backwater of the Duchies, kind of like rural Appalachia or any other recently-settled and poor region with lots of natural resources.  The time is a month or so after the events of Spellmonger.

And things are not looking good for Alshar, and its next-door neighbor, Castal.  These two westernmost of the Five Duchies are a poorly-organized patchwork of ethnic enclaves and feudal lords.  Alshar is ruled by the mediocre Duke Lenguin and Castal is ruled by his brother-in-law, Duke Rard, a power-hungry schemer. While they play feudal politics to further their own ends, the only person who seems to care about the gurvani invasion is Minalan and his warmagi pals, and they're busy dodging agents of the Censorate, which is hunting them down for having irionite.  But if someone doesn't organize an army in northern Alshar soon, then it's going to suck for just about everyone.  The armies of the Dead God, Sharuel, are on the move, and one fiefdom after another is falling to his hordes as they move east virtually unchallenged.

If Minalan the Spellmonger can't lobby the courts of Alshar and Castal to work together -- and quickly -- the hordes will sweep over the frontiers of both states.  (cue dramatic music)

It's also different in that Spellmonger was the second novel I ever wrote.  Warmage is my 15th.  I might have improved a bit.  And I hired a hotshot professor of journalism to edit this time (Hey, Emily!), so less typos and such.

As far as pricing, I'm tossing around ideas.  Bigger book, slightly higher price, I'm thinking, probably $3.99 rather than $2.99.  But, for a limited time (probably no more than 48 hours) I'm thinking of rewarding my loyal fans (I have fans -- that still slays me) by starting it out at $2.99, same price as Spellmonger.  I mean, for that price it would have to suck pretty bad for you not to risk the substantial investment.  Early reviews say it doesn't entirely suck, so . . .

Thoughts on this?

Also, would y'all like to see an appendix with dramatis personae, maps, cultural notes, recipes, etc. or do you prefer to just let your imagination fill in the details?  I can go either way, but since it's your money, I thought I'd ask.

Lastly, I know I still have a few SYCOPHANTS out there I owe the first chapter to.  Expect it presently, and maybe a bonus for your patience.

And thanks to everyone who read my stuff, even if you didn't like it.  I appreciate the opportunity to attempt to entertain you.