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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Warmage is up in beta!

Finally!  Final, well-proofed edition will be out around Feb. 1 at a buck more than the $2.99 "fans and family" price.  I feel all tingly seeing it up there after all this hard work.  Totally worth it.



  1. lots of fun, i'll be looking forward to magelord.

    the typo "Tarent" shows up in quite a few places, both where you meant "Talent" and "talent".

    there's also an instance of "Master XXXX" (think it was supposed to be Icorod?) towards the end.

    not to give you a hard time but i noticed typos more often in this than spellmonger. didn't really bother me any, though.

  2. I am coming a little late to this party, but am very happy to have discovered the Spellmonger series. I am half-way through Warmage and am reading it voraciously... and am very happy to know that magelord is already out so I will not have to wait to continue the story (until I've finished reading that one). I do have one whine... I feel like you wrote the story then intentionally shuffled the chapters, which wreaks havoc with my addled wits. It is almost as bad as the way my wife 'puts my things away' (read: hides them, never in the same place twice) and claims to not remember where she put them so I get so many unplanned easter egg hunts. Your story arcs are epic but in warmage, sometimes they are too disjointed for me to fully appreciate--but that's probably just me. Nevertheless, you have a new devoted fan (who promises not to whine again).