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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Happy Solstice! How about a little Stonesinger for the holidays?

Folks, it was my intention to have at least three shorts done by now, but a three-day hospital stay and recuperation, not to mention metric tonnes of Christmas cheer and preparation for the holidays, have resulted in me having only ONE of the three completed at this point.  The other two are nearly finished, and I expect to have them done shortly, but as I have mentioned that I wanted to have a story up by now and I do, indeed, have one, it seems unfair of me not to share it.

So here it is, free.  Happy Yule!

I will be including it in future anthologies, as well, but you folk have been so patient, understanding, and enthusiastic I felt compelled to publish this for you in gratitude for your support.  Just a little thing, but please accept it as a token of my profound appreciation of your patronage.

I just received the first few chapters of Hawkmaiden back from my editor, Emily (who is about to publish her own first novel) and I'm close to finishing the book.  I'm anticipating an early January release, Briga willing.  Remember: it's shorter (less than 100,000 words), written for a YA audience, and it doesn't really break any new ground plot-wise.  If you're a plot-and-action junkie, more interested in Min and the goblin body count than the rest of the world, you can probably skip it and not miss much.  This is Dara's story, told from her perspective, and it isn't the kind of epic adventure tale you've grown used to.  If I had to liken it to any other series, I'd say it's most in style like Anne McCaffery's Harper Hall trilogy.  Only with hawks.

Min's tales will resume with Journeymage, which I'm looking to have done for this Spring (another shorter work, but more action-packed and plot-heavy and less world building).  To bridge this gap I'm planning a shortstory/novella for February or March, featuring Tyndal and Rondal and Friends.  And it's quite possible you'll see a few other shorts pop up here and there, too.

But I want to sincerely and deeply thank each and every one of you who have been following me on this journey.  Believe it or not, we're just getting started.

You may now use this comment section to discuss the story and when I'm ACTUALLY going to get all of this done.  And Spaceviking (still finishing).  And "other".  Then you may speculate when I might actually sleep.

Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Joyous Yule!