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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I've been paying attention to the boards, and I know all of you are anxious (except you, there, in the third row -- wake up!) for the release of Magelord, as am I, so I felt obligated to at least throw y'all an update.

I'm essentially waiting my editor returning the last portion of the book.  I'm not going to bug her about it because a) it was a real bitch to edit, 300,000 words (yep, you read that right) and parts of it were very rough; b) her day job is a Professor of Journalism, and classes just started c) she's a mom, and school just started and d) she's one of my wife's best friends from childhood, and undue pressure on my end could conceivably result in marital strife.  As I'm allergic to marital strife, I have resigned myself to be patient.

The good news: I like the book.

The bad news: Some of you won't.

I say that because I've learned that different fans like different things in my books, and I'm good with that.  Those who are looking for a lot of action and a high body count might be disappointed (there is a body count, promise).  Those who are looking for exposition and world-building are going to be orgasmic.  That's not to say that there isn't action, it's just not a war story.  Even though there are two wars in it.  Maybe three.  I lose count.  It's the story of what it means to be a magelord.

But even as I wait, and you wait, I'm writing my ass off.  On three other projects.  And going back through my corrections on Magelord to see if I missed anything.  And getting my own kids to school, working my day job, and other stuff.  But I'm even more anxious than you to get it out, and it's requiring a lot of patience.

Here's the even better news: I've used some of my "free time" (when real people are sleeping) to publish a Second Kindle Edition of Spellmonger, along with a new map of Boval Vale and a revamp of the Ugly Cover.  It should be up shortly.  Those who bought the book early will be pleased to note that the 2nd Edition has 70% less typos.  I also smooth out a lot of rough spots.

Which brings me to another point: some people complain I am wordy and put in too much exposition.  Some writers do this because they can't plot - that's not why I do it.  I'm wordy and I put in too much exposition because I'm on Book 3 of a book series I've plotted to at least a dozen novels, and in some cases guns I put on the mantelpiece in Spellmonger won't be used until Book 8 or 9.  Indeed, there are goofy parts of the story that become vital plot points, later on.  Pay attention.

Now, to whet your appetite a bit, may I present . . . the cover blurb:


When you defeat the invading goblin army, get knighted on the field of battle by the Duke himself, and are gifted with lands and gold, usually your happily-ever-after is . . . happy. 

But now that Minalan the Spellmonger has been enobled and enfiefed, Sire Minalan has a task cut out for him that makes defeating goblins seem like child’s play: moving his very pregnant bride and a few thousand refugees from Boval Vale into the remote, sparsely-peopled Domain of Sevendor.  

But when he arrives, he finds the land withered from neglect, filled with superstition and suspicion, a third of his domain has been conquered before he got there, and the castle he now owns hasn’t been maintained in decades.  As Minalan manages the challenges of being a noble, being a mage knight, being the lord of the manor, being a landlord, and fending off a belligerent (and well-armed) neighbor, he also has to learn how to be a husband, father, and a leader of a people.

Then the fateful night his son is finally born, Minalan learns the nature of fear, as he, his family, and his very realm are forever changed when the spell he casts to save their lives transforms the land.  Minalan, his apprentices Sir Tyndal and Sir Rondal, his dour but efficacious castellan Sir Cei, and his moody wife struggle through the winter and defend their domain in his attempt to prove what a Magelord can do for his people when he puts magic in their service.

But in the distance, the threat of a renewed invasion of goblins looms as they approach the the cotton-rich Gilmoran baronies that are the heart of the Riverlands.  The contentious High Magi convene to constitute the new Arcane Orders while the fanatical Royal Censorate of Magic plots defeat them.  Thousands of hedgemagi, witches and footwizards the Censorate once terrorized now see Minalan as a hero.  The sinister Family schemes to promote Duke Rard II to become King Rard I of the newly-united Kingdom of Castalshar – over a pile of bodies, if necessary.  And suddenly, out of the sky fall dragons in the service of the Dead God to strike at the strength of the nascent Kingdom.

How can Sire Minalan fight goblins, plots, poverty and politics, all from his remote and rustic vale while keeping the peasants in line and the 'Warbird of West Fleria' at bay?  With wit, courage, determination, and a healthy dose of magic. 

And when the new King tasks him to find a way to slay a dragon, an ordinary knight might shy away from the quest.  For Sire Minalan, it’s just another day on the job as 

Hope that gets y'all excited.  And yeah, I read the forums every day.  I just don't write very often . . . because I could be writing fiction instead.

So release date?  Real Soon Now.  Heck, I'll even take a couple of questions while we're waiting . . .

Thursday, August 15, 2013

"The Spellmonger's Wedding" Short Story is up on Kindle

This is the last short story before Magelord, which is in the final editing stages.  It is available here, for the low, low price of $.99.  While it's not essential to read before you read Magelord . . . well, why the hell wouldn't you?  It's Minalan's WEDDING, for Trygg's sake!

I had a lot of fun with this, as I've been kicking it around for a while now.  I hope you enjoy it.

Now back to the word mines . . .

Wednesday, August 7, 2013