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Thursday, August 15, 2013

"The Spellmonger's Wedding" Short Story is up on Kindle

This is the last short story before Magelord, which is in the final editing stages.  It is available here, for the low, low price of $.99.  While it's not essential to read before you read Magelord . . . well, why the hell wouldn't you?  It's Minalan's WEDDING, for Trygg's sake!

I had a lot of fun with this, as I've been kicking it around for a while now.  I hope you enjoy it.

Now back to the word mines . . .


  1. Keeping an eye out. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Loved it as usual! :)

    But it's like a small bit of crack! Now I'm on the fix again!

    Damn I can't wait for Magelord! :P

  3. when's coming out magelord?

  4. barring any more abductions or other felonies, it's safe to say that you'll see Magelord on Kindle before the end of August, and probably before. (Terry Mancour 7/19/13)

    The book was with the editor at the time of the post above. I'm guessing that some revisions were being made to the artwork as well. Terry said he would release this short a week or two prior to publishing Magelord. I'm anticipating a release within the next two weeks as long as revisions are completed on time. Even if revisions take a little longer than expected, I think we can all be civil and give him what time he needs to get everything in order without trolling him over it.

  5. we are at the end of august....

  6. Near,
    We are NEAR the end of august.
    Can't you give him a break, if the book takes another couple of weeks or a month who cares. At the end of the day you still get the book and it's a better book because the author has had more time to work on it. Also, isn't part of the fun the anticipation? The thirteenth item in Pandora's box, hope.

    I for one am quite happy to wait.

  7. Is there a set date yet or should we just keep out eyes open.

  8. "So here's my new policy: I won't give an exact release date for something until I'm sure, and I'm not going to announce any more rough estimates without so heavily qualifying them as to make them pointless."

    I believe this answers that question.

    I too an VERY anxious for Magelord to be released. But Mr. Mancour has set his tone in that he want it to be perfect before release. So lets grab a tent, camp out here on the blog and patiently wait the upcoming awesomeness that is Magelord. And maybe re-read the Spellmonger series to refresh eh?

  9. At this point in a books production, nothing anyone has to say can hurry the process. When a book is being written, positive feedback may motivate an author to put more time into their work, but at this stage, the book is being bounced back and forth between the author and the editor for final revisions, feedback is being received from pre-readers which may also result in revisions, and artwork is being finalized. Not all of these factors are in the authors control. I would speculate that things are in their final stages since Terry released his short, and that he will either publish the book within the time he specified, or have enough information to provide a hard release date by the end of August. I don't know this, because I get my information from the same place you do, but I know Terry wants to publish this book months ago so he's working on it. If you're still here, you're likely to be here next week, or next month, or three months from now. If you're really dying for something to read while we wait, I would recommend the 'House of Blades' by Will Wight.

    1. Already read House of Blade. I'm waiting for Crimson Vault as well as Magelord. I personally don't believe in nagging the shit out of authors and stuff like that. However I as the deadlines they themselves set come up I would simply appreciate some info on release dates and things like that.

      B.P Swanson do u have Terry Mancour's email so I could personally email and confirm these things? Just take off the anxiety of waiting and constantly checking amazon.

      Also to Terry Mancour, I am a huge fan of your work and have read every book in the Spellmonger series. Great job and keep doing what your doing.

  10. Sorry G3n3r1c Nam3, I don't have any more information than you do. I'm only going by my knowledge of what is involved in indie publishing and what Terry has said on his blog.

    Some other good books you could check out are Heath Pfaff 'Servant of Steel', the pacing is a little slower, but the world is rich and the pay off is worth the wait. Everything by Michael G. Manning, and the Five Kingdoms and Lorik books by Toby Neighbors. David A Wells 'Sovereign of the Seven Isles' is also a good series. Something a little more gritty and graphic but well written would be the Demon World books by Kyle B. Stiff.

    1. Thanks B.P Swanson. Do you have anymore recommendation? I've pretty much checked out most of the books you mentioned. And thanx for the reply and update.

  11. Well, I do, but were leaving indie author land.

    Larry Correia with his monster hunter series. (Urban Fantasy)
    Jim Butcher (Urban & Epic Fantasy)
    Sam Sykes (High fantasy
    John Ringo's Kildar (mature themes) and Troy series (SF)
    H. Jonas Rhynedahll's Key to Magic series (indie author)
    Brock Deskins books are fun light reading (indie author)
    Steve McHugh (Urban Fantasy)
    Trevor H Cooley (Indie author..first book is a bit rough)
    Jacob Gowans Psion series (Urban/Post apop. fantasy)
    Possibly Lucas Thorn (High Fantasy) Graphic lang. M themes
    Good time to re-read Enders Game by Orson Scott Card
    Brandon Sanderson
    Patrick Rothfus

    And that's all I'm willing to commit to. Most of these authors have proven themselves to me as a reader that they can produce good quality at a decent speed, or that their work is of such high quality that it is worth the wait.

    1. Thank you so much man. I really appreciate this.