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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Warmage is imminent . . .

Having a few minor formatting issues that are keeping it from uploading for some reason, but I have people working on it.  Should be up in the next few hours, depending on how quickly Amazon processes it.

To help make up for the delay ('cause you people have been emailing me all week, gods bless you!) I've decided that from publication until February 1, I'm going to price the book at $2.99, like Spellmonger, to reward all of my loyal fans (I have fans -- that still kills me!) so that y'all can save a buck for your loyalty.  After Feb 1, it will go up to $3.99, which I justify by it being almost twice as long as Spellmonger.  You don't even have to give it a good review, I just want to say "thank you!" for taking a chance on my work.  Truth be told, I write these things to entertain myself, and I'm highly gratified that you folks think its fun, too.  I can't wait for it to be up any more than you -- I'm all a-tingle.

And thank you all for the birthday wishes!  I feel very loved.  

Terry Mancour

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