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Friday, January 20, 2012

Warmage: Any time, now . . .

I spent most of my birthday evening last night trying to iron out some graphics issues that were causing some serious problems, and finally did the best I could until it finally was accepted properly.

The maps are my big issue, now.  A few got mangled in the conversion process, so I'm simply going to post them here, if you need to refer to them.  The important one is for the Alshari Wilderlands.
Feel free to email me with any questions, and if you spot an editing error we missed, please let me know.  I foresee at least one more corrected edition in my future . . . 


  1. Wait, so Warmage is on Amazon now?! Yes! And happy belated birthday. Thanks for treating us to awesome novels

  2. Warmage is a wonderful work. Are you open to graphic artists helping to create maps and art to supplement your great work. Not for compensation, and it need not be official other than any you think promising. I assume you have had not created any yet because of an aesthetic reason, but as your work is so critical regarding terrain, locations, and geographic orientation, I think it is a requisite. Perhaps they exist and I do not know of them. But it would be great to see the magi' diarammas and models, as well as the real terrain they model. To see the Mage blades and the various other entity's and things that would be wonderful to visualize. I think an addendum or appendix regarding a Magick Cidex 102 would be fun too. I really enjoy the esoteric thought and philosophy underpinning your work. I know the imagination is best as visualizing things and to create art might theoretically impinge n such a thing. However, your novels are very complex, and I think maps and cartography are crucial to war, and helpful to readers who might want to understand the "escarpment", the five realms of the kingdom, or even some monoliths or artifacts from various prior epochs. It might help flesh out the world and give readers a great way to further access an already challenging but if material. I admire the tactics and strategy, but it would be wonderful if the readers could be further helped along by a few illustrations, maps, ccasional depictions of key story devices. There are many artists and illustrators who would help ou if only to contribute to a good work. You took great time to craft your work. Supplementing it with additional art would only be an option in the end, but it may prove to be of great value both asthetucalky and to help readers process the logistical cartography, and further elaborate your world. Think on it. I am eagerly awaiting the next installment on audio. Your audiobooks will make your books a grea force. Your narrator is perfect and the time lapses in Warmage make it an interesting structural device. I am probably not the first person to google to see if there are maps or other art to help me enjoy the prose with its battles and complicated division into various smaller towns, fiefdoms, and also how this country has evolved over time, from the various political empires and so forth. Do consider the assistance earnest fans would help offer out of gratitude for your work, and perhaps choose one who create work you appreciate (have a contest perhaps?) and then you can give further instructions to the winner and approve any maps. Or you can jus commission an artist t d th same. I think the current maps are less than adequate and I suspect there is a reason behind their cede design. But your books have characters with Mage sight and at adept at mapping and showing the terrain. It would be only consistent with your work, if not a very helpful device for appreciating your work all the more.
    Good luck on your future works.