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Friday, January 23, 2015

Hawkmaiden (beta) is up for a mere $2.99

You can see the page here: Hawkmaiden

I'm pretty happy with it.  Working on the map and sundries now.


  1. How close is this beta to what will be the finished product?

    1. Actually, pretty darn close. I'm waiting on the final proofreading, and I'll add my author's thanks at the end, and I'm building the map . . . but apart from that this is the finished product. (I'll be posting the map on the FB page, too).

      So if you want a bargain, this is the time.

    2. Thanks! Already bought it

  2. Done and bought! You should think about getting this into the YA section at WalMart. Could make a mint with a YA book that doesn't suck.

  3. Great stuff, Terry. Your world is my favorite new fantasy world probably since Sanderson's Mistborn.

  4. Well I didn't quite envision Dara to look like cover, but then this is a medieval period story.

    Bought the book !!!

  5. So now that Hawkmaiden is essentially out fully, (Really enjoyed it by the way.) any rough guesses as to when the next book will be coming? No rush of course, wouldn't want you overworking yourself and having to take a long break or something ;D...That would suck. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited to read the next one :P

  6. I was reading Hawkmaiden (good stuff!) and I just realized something about the mental communications used by witchstone holders. If it works by contagion wherein all stones taken from Sherul are still magically linked together then does this mean that the Alka Alon stones given to Min, and which were never part of Sherul's orb, cannot connect their wielders to each other? Or do the Alka Alon know of the mental network that was established and have tuned their extra witchstones to it?

  7. Read and very much enjoyed Hawkmaiden. Of course I'd have preferred for it to be longer and to have covered the developments in High Mage too, but still very good entertainment. I always enjoy other characters' view of Minalan and the awe with which they see him.
    However, I'm now looking forward to Journeymage and would like to know whether this book will be from Minalan's perspective or from that of other characters, perhaps his other apprentices?
    Anyhow; keep up the good work.

  8. Bought, read and very much enjoyed. It was really interesting to read about Min's acquisition of the Vale from the perspective of a native.

    It was also really interesting to see the rather complex interplay between the different Yeoman

  9. Hawkmaiden was great. To be honest I cant wait till your next book comes out. I can't wait to write my own fantasy story.

    What are you writing next, Journeymage? Any idea when HawkLady is coming out? I loved Hawkmaiden even though it was made for children.

    The scenes I loved best was when Dara climbed the mountain, and using her hawk to spy on troop locations. I can't write that good yet, but I will with practice.

    Thank you for a great book.

  10. I bought this book because I love the Spell Monger series. I'll admit to a moment of hesitation though when I realized it was a YA novel, primarily for the reasons you listed in your forward. They are often condescending, trite and fluffy.

    That being said, I don't have any regrets about this purchase. It was well written and entertaining. I will purchase the sequel when it comes out, and look forward to your next release in the series.

    The dialog between Dara and her uncle after the fair cracked me up.

    Thanks for the excellent story Terry.

  11. Sorry for this posting off topic for the tread, seems a little rude to Hawkmaiden but
    oh! boy! oh! boy! oh! boy! oh! boy! start the count down for Trask's Odyssey! I cant wait! I'm all a buzz with anticipation! YA!!