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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

SPECIAL AUDIOBOOK BONUS OFFER! The Spellmonger's Yule, Read By John Lee!

As a special promotional offer by, a special audiobook of my recent short story, The Spellmonger's Yule, is now being offered by!  It's a free sign-up, and you get the entire short story (for new fans, this will contain some serious spoilers, but will also introduce you to the direction the series takes)

This is an amazing endorsement of my work by my publisher, and I feel grateful that they invested in this promotion.  Please show them it isn't wasted by taking a listen.

And yes, I've started Necromancer.  No, I don't know when I'll be done.


  1. Ooooh, nice.. Spellmonger's Yule was probably my favorite of those short stories. :)

  2. Will the next Audio book be book 3 or will they do more of the short stories? I am on the fence which I would like more because I seem to remember there are a lot of events that get skipped before book 3 that only are shown in the short stories. Like when Minalin gets the his stone upgraded to sphere status.

    I will buy either way lol - I am really enjoying this audio review of the books!

    Thanks again

  3. We definitely need some forums for this series.. :P

    I was wondering when Minalan is going to start using his enchanter's guild to make weapons and armor for non-mages. At least for his own baronial soldiers and knights. Such as weapons that wont break, armor that protects his men better, etc. So far the only thing he's done in that regard is for knight mages like Sire Cei.

    Also, is Minalan basically the Baron of Greenflower (or its regent) until his son comes of age? Or perhaps that barony is now a "cadet barony" of Sevendor?

  4. One doesnt want to tell the world that he were raped by the Baroness of Greenflower so he has two options: the baby becomes his ward or he takes direct control as head of the arance orders (remember Dunselens expreriments and the blue "otherworld stone")
    Taren the sage seems to spend a lot of time there, maybe they made him representative regent or whatever...

  5. Does the game Rushes played at the inn have any real life origins?

    1. Could be an evolution of chefs or risk

  6. Thanks. I enjoyed it...I thought the reader was better than some of the reviewers...but not as good as reading it myself. Although it was a bummer to learn that I was mispronouncing all those words. Necromancer coming out anytime soon???

  7. I just finished Warmage and loved it. Excited for the next book!