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Monday, August 22, 2016

Big announcement: Mancour Signs With Podium Publishing


August 22, 2016

New York Times Best-Selling Author Terry Mancour is pleased to announce that he has entered into an exclusive audiobook contract with Podium Publishers ( for the entirety of his best-selling Kindle Epic Fantasy saga, The Spellmonger Series.  Podium will undertake the production and distribution of the entire series, beginning with the first novel, Spellmonger, and add subsequent works in succession.  A release schedule has not been determined at this time. 

“I’m enormously proud that Podium selected my work for consideration,” Mancour writes.  “While they are a small firm, relatively speaking, their dedication to the product, author relations, and their commitment to professionalism make it an honor to work with Podium.”  Under the agreement, Podium will provide a range of artistic services and handle production and distribution of the Spellmonger audiobook series. 

Mancour’s fantasy series, featuring an emphasis on magic, medieval realism, and world-building, includes eight published novels: Spellmonger, Warmage, Magelord, Knights Magi, High Mage, Journeymage, Enchanter, and Court Wizard, an anthology, short stories, novellas, and a Young Adult cadet series – over two million words of prose.  The first novel in the series was published on Kindle in 2011 and quickly caught the attention of Epic Fantasy readers.

Mancour has averaged two full-length (150,000+ words) novels in the series every year since. 
Mancour has scheduled the release of Shadowmage, the ninth volume in the series, as well as the second novel of the cadet series, Hawklady, for later this year.  The tenth volume of the series, Necromancer, is scheduled for 2017.  Mancour has planned the series for at least thirty books.

For all inquiries, contact:
Terry Mancour


  1. That's great, Terry! Though I do have several questions.

    1) Will the series go through a round of professional editing before the audiobook release?

    2) If so, will the newly-edited versions replace the current kindle versions, and will people who already purchased them have to do so again?

    3) What will this mean for the expected release schedule?

    4) Any thoughts as to traditional publication of the series?

  2. Thanks, Josh!

    1) Yes, that's already happening with the Great Rectification. Spellmonger and Hawkmaiden have already undergone it, Warmage is in process, and the rest will continue in series.

    2) Yes, and no. In order to get the latest version, simply go to your preferences and hit the right button, and the updated versions of each of the books (if any) will replace the old version. Unfortunately you'll lose any notes you made, but you do get fresh Spellmonger.

    3) Too early to tell, so I won't. We're still at the very early stages. As soon as I know, you will.

    4) At this point, I'm wary of a "traditional" publisher, but not for the reasons you think. Stephen Brust just finished the re-write of Vallista the same time I finished the re-write of Court Wizard. He submitted Vallista to Tor and it will be about a year before it's released. By that time, I will have released at least two and perhaps three more Spellmonger books. And a novella. And probably a couple of short stories. If I went the traditional route, I (and you) would have to wait until the publisher was done with their magic before it got to you, at inflated prices, one a year, no more. And since I already do quite well in the ebook market, offering that as a bonus to me doesn't work as well as with other authors.

    So my decision to eschew a "traditional" publisher at this point is motivated more by my desire to keep my output high and my creative freedom intact. That's why the Podium contract is so cool: they provide most of the benefits of traditional publisher, but they leave me total creative freedom. Their dedication to their product is legendary. And they have been consummate professionals. This is a win-win for everyone involved.

    And there should be an announcement about the next Spellmonger book forthcoming.

    Hope that helps.


  3. Mancour has scheduled the release of Shadowmage, the ninth volume in the series, as well as the second novel of the cadet series, Hawklady, for later this year.

    If "later this year" is September and November respectively, I will send you a Christmas present!!

  4. Wow I'm so excited!!! 😀 Congratulations Terry! Will the audiobooks be released on the UK audible as well?

    Hopefully your still well and this hasn't added extra stress to you but I know your readers are super excited to hear our Minalan 'in the flesh'.

    Will you get 'powers' when choosing the 'right' voice? An example would be Steve McHugh's audiobooks read by James langton, perfect voice for the character.

    Anyway great news!

    Looking forward to the release of Shadowmage 😀

  5. Congrats! Excited for you. Hopefully you'll enjoy a bigger fan base.

  6. Congratulations on the contract.

    Please allow me to nip in and agitate for you to spend a little time on Trask's Oddsey..

    Thank you!

  7. Did i miss the narrorator name?

  8. Did i miss the narrorator name?

  9. It's a little off topic, but I want to ask some questions to the great Terry (and crack this series as fast as possible):
    1. I wonder what the Kasari treatment to their members that manifest rajira? From what I read, it's like that the Kasari don't have any mage, but it's impossible because every society in Callidore would manifest rajira however minimally, although I also don't see rajira manifested in Tal Alon. But Kasari are humans and that's mean that some of their members would manifest rajira, even barbarian tribes would have shamans. Do Kasari have the equivalent of mages/shamans?
    2. Would we really have about 30 books in the spellmonger series? Because it sure as hell would be tricky to name the later books :) We would have Shadowmage, Necromancer and Hawklady, there are still Archmage, Pyromancer, Geomancer, Seamage, Summoner(?)/Invoker, Seer(?), Golemancer(?), Witch(queen/king), Forsaken(?), Bloodmage, Shaman(?)
    3. In the later books, would the humans east of Perwyn got involved in the Great Game?
    4. How much would spellmonger series push the magical innovation through the series. I think it would push to get portal gate, magical airship, better mirror array, golem soldier, some kind of magical contruct that equivalent of magical artillery (because in every modern war, artillery is the king of battle, forget that nasty hand-to-hand sword fighting, hell the dragons that Shereul employed are a kind of airborne artillery and look at the damage that they inflict), decent toilet (their magical chamberpot is still chamberpot). I just hope they don't have resurrection anymore (aside from Shereul and Korbal that produced them for the convenient plot), I hate every story with resurrection. It's the sign of lazy author and crappy plot, oh btw that Shereul guy that you crushed with blood, tears and sweat and cost the Horkan order half their numbers got alive again and kicking, niceee...
    5. We have Briga, Herus, and Ishi became permanent as of now. I wonder who would be next, I hope it's Ifnia. She's already mentioned in Court Wizard, and considered the adventures of Tyndal and Rondal in southern Alshar, I hope she's involved in there. Ifnia is mad, unpredictable, and fun, just like them :)
    I hope the Shadowmage got finished as soon as possible, because this election is depressing as hell. Their motto is: Choose the lesser of two evils .... Then Cthulhu paled and said, "Wait, you can't accuse me of THAT! I'm not that cruel!"

  10. I want to see what happens when they figure out how to power and use some of the old human tech with energy that they can manipulate (Magic). Though that probably has to do with the forsaken plot line.

  11. I agree with James. This election is so depressing! We need some decent entertainment! Keep the books coming!

  12. I agree with James. This election is so depressing! We need some decent entertainment! Keep the books coming!

  13. best news i see in this is 30 books
    i could not ask for better

    1. That doesn't count the Cadet series, short stories, novellas, and a couple of one-shot novels with characters like Olmeg the Green.

    2. Terry two questions:

      1. Is Necromancer almost ready?

      2. Are you going to do a Novella about Tindal and Rondall's adventure with the Kasari? You refer to it alot in the books which makes me curious as to what happened

      Great Series!

    3. 1. No. No it's not. At this point I have finished up chapter 14, of a planned 80 chapters, plus bells and whistles. I'm cranking on it, but a book that big takes time.

      2. Yes. I just haven't done it yet. Because I'm writing a big ass book first. I'll probably do it next year, along with novellas about a few other characters (Olmeg, Banamor, Sire Cei, Zagor and Rael, I think). After the events in Necromancer, we'll have to take a breather.

  14. I'm new to your series and have liked them. My question is are the 30 books going to be part of the Spellmonger series or combination of both series and novella. I guess I'm just curious how long are we talking about until the end of the story? Not that I want an end to it but, I can't imagine writing about a war for 30 books.

  15. Also you should consider getting a website its a little hard to find stuff on your blog. Sorry don't mean to be a downer its that I think your books are great but its frustrating when you wanting to find things about an author and books and you can't find things without digging.


    1. I'm working on a professional website now - although if you want more maps and such, you should check out the Spellmonger Series facebook page, where I've archived many of them. And to answer your first question, yes, the series is planned at 30 books. NOT including the novellas, cadet series, or future one-shot novels about specific characters. It's going to be a long war, with many changes along the way. I've got plenty of material, I assure you.

  16. I am a new reader of the Spellmonger series and a purchaser of the Kindle (not KU) and audio versions of the books. Having just finished #3, then sending a plea to Podium to publish ALL of the series, I'm a bit chagrined but very pleased to find out that they will be doing them all.

    Thank you! I'm now going to run through your blog, but if you don't already, please let us know as release dates for the audiobooks are announced. I'll be happy to pre-order.