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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Final Edition of Knights Magi now up. Enjoy!

I'm not saying every typo is fixed, but enough so I can justify charging $3.99.

And no less than 8 5-star reviews on Amazon in the first 48 hours.  Wow.  Tell your friends.


  1. Hi Terry, I had amazon push through an update. Is it still version 1? I want to make sure I have the updated content.

    1. If you are mentioned in the acknowledgments, Tim, it's the new version.

  2. Hi Terry. Sorry to derail a little but

    I was just on wiki and saw to my amazement that Prince of Tanith and Princess Valerie's War weren't listed with the others in the Piper's "Terro-Human History" books by other authors section.

    So of course I immediately edited them into the entry.

    ... now I'm wondering if maybe there was a reason they weren't there maybe I shouldn't have stuck my big nose in?

    If it could cause any problems I'll delete it of course

  3. $3.99 isn't a bad price nor will it chase away readers. It's a good story. Rather a very good set of stories.

    I'd like to see the big old Green Magelight at the top of the tower. Just like Minalan casts when he comes home. Though cheering peasants might be to much.

    Side note: In Magelord, Snowstone takes magical resistance down to almost zero. And if one takes a chunk of it with them, the negating magical resistance follows one around and is proportional to the size of the chunk. So In Warmage, Minalan takes a trip to the edge of the Umbra where there's bands of low magical resistance with bands of high magical resistance. So what happens when a someone walks into it carrying a chunk of snowstone?

  4. Goddamn terry! You're a bad person! I read knights magi through a few hours after you published it on amazon and now I've to wait for the next book again ? How can you do this to me? :D

  5. I've just asked Amazon to push through the update on mine. Hopefully they will get to it soon.

    Just out of curiosity does anyone know what the name of Rondel's Mageblade is?

  6. Now, finally, I can download and read, of course as soon as I finish my current read, but it may turn into some power reading/skimming so that I can get to Knights Magi!!

  7. I have read all of the Spellmonger series and I just finished Knights Magi a few minutes ago, and it is one of your best. I absolutely couldn't put it down. Great stuff! Thanks!!!