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Sunday, February 24, 2013


Yes, I have another family crisis, this one a pretty big one.  But I'm nearly through with Magelord, and inadvertently wrote about 20,000 words of Knights Magi while I was at it.  No firm release date yet, but Real Soon Now.  You'll probably see the next short story soon, though.


  1. Since your last post, I decided that the thing to do was to assume- in the absence of someone coming here to tell everyone that you were dead- that you're just working on it and too busy to do much updating to your authorblog. Seems to have worked out so far.

  2. I hope things clams down with family and everything works out. For me I hope you are keeping Trask's Odyssey alive in the back of your mind. I enjoy the Magelord stories but its the next instalment of The Tanith Series I'm hanging out for.

    Best of luck.

  3. Sorry to hear about another crisis. Hopefully, you'll be in for a nice long stretch of happiness now.

  4. Sorry to hear about the family crisis. Usually your good with updates and I feared that something might be amiss.

    Hope everything works out well....

  5. Two weeks almost since any info. I feel like a crack junky here! I've reread Spellmonger, Warmage, the first chapter of Magelord and Victory Soup each twice and I still need a fix!

    I'm keeping you and your family in my prayers Mr. Mancour, and I do hope no new calamities have befallen you. Yet that is little conciliation against the shakes in anticipation!


    Definition of SOON

    a obsolete : at once : immediately
    b : without undue time lapse : before long
    : in a prompt manner : speedily

  7. nha, he means:
    3_ before you die, maybe.

  8. Look, I'm as frustrated by terry's silence as you are, but I check this board for updates, not insults. if your gonna be nasty, don't put it up here for us to have to see

  9. C'mon guys cut the man some slack, yeah its super frustrating that we havent heard an update or even a tentative release date but that doesn't mean that you should be snide about it. Just think bout it this way; when we finally get it, it'll probably be even more of a blast cuz the best things are worth waiting for, right? Right?..... plus seriously. mr mancour's family is going through a rough spell and that should be taken into serious consideration

  10. Like George RR Martin, Terry Mancour is not your bitch...

  11. Flakes, no one here has made any comment anywhere close to the extent that Mr. Mancour is "our bitch". However I believe that many of us do disagree slightly with the analysis in your link.

    No, a writer or blogger or artist is not BOUND by a promise they may make. It is their creative genius, how could they be. Yet at the same time, is is both common courtesy and simple good crowd marketing to keep in contact with your audience, even if at random intervals.

    So speaking for myself, I am less frustrated for the lack of a released work and more for the way that Mr. Mancour has failed to manage his consumer base adequately, though it is understandable with his recent issues.

    So frankly Flakes, YOU are the one, if anyone, stirring up emotions with your loaded language. And Araon Schwartz, I have yet to see anyone post an insult. Vented frustration and dry humor perhaps, but the internet is the 21st century's MEDIUM for such things :/

  12. Point taken, (though I wish you spelled my name right). Looking back, it was not your comment I had taken offense to, but Fox's. Either way your right. Lets just hope terry can publish another one of those short stories soon. That'd nip this right in the bud

    1. Also, before you say that flakes was using "heated language" read the article linked to his post. To give it more context, it is the written response of Neil Gaiman to almost this EXACT problem (in regards to the books of George RR martin.) what Flakes posted makes perfect sense in that context

  13. I should apologize too. That saying is sort of a lesser meme. Whenever some over enthusiastic fantasy fan starts complaining about Martin, or Rothfuss or really any other writer taking too long between books, inevitably someone will say _______ is not your bitch.

    I didn't mean it personal, and I'm sorry if I offended.


    If Mancour doesn't put a short story up soon does anybody know of any good books?

    I can recommend:

    Blood Song by Anthony Ryan is awesome. Best book I've read in the last 2 years. He was self published when I first read him, but got picked up by Penguin.

    Just finished Immortal by Gene Doucette. I'm not sure if he is self published or just published by a small press, but he's pretty good. Jim Butcher-esque.

  14. Oh please, I thought Fox was hilarious. If you've played a MUD, soon DOES mean 'Before you die...Maybe'. It isn't his fault you aren't in the know. Game Masters always tell players that the next new thing will be out 'SOON'. Sometimes years will pass while you wait for 'SOON' to arrive. So chill out and get over yourselves. SOON is a BAD word. Telling me SOON is about the equivalent of telling me to get lost.

    That being said, If Terry is offended by a post, well, it's his blog. He can leave it, remove it, ban the poster, or write the poster a scathing e-mail (which would probably just encourage more offensive posts, so might not want to do that one). He doesn't need his over zealous fan boys running to his defense and attacking someone who is probably another paying customer who made an innocent comment he probably thought was funny. So unless someone says something offensive about YOU, try to let it go.

    Now, if you order something custom made and you're told it should take about so long, and wait patiently, then wait some more, then wait some more, when is the point when you have the right to vent? Because If Terry didn't want feedback, he wouldn't use this forum to make updates. When you open a forum to the public, some of your feedback will be negative. The longer it takes, the more negative comments will crop up.

    I think authors have it easy. Fans are generally extremely courteous because they don't want to upset the author. Fans bend over backwards to let the author know everything is okay, that they will be patient, they will wait, but they are eagerly anticipating his next release. These are the same people who fire employees who walk in the door five minutes late on Monday. No, Terry didn't sign a contract, and he isn't obligated to publish anything, ever. But, as long as he says he will publish, then we the fans, have a right to expect delivery, and complain when we don't get it.