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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Rumors Of My Hiatus Have Been Greatly Exaggerated...

First of all, apologies for not updating more frequently.  I know that there's a rumor going around that I'm "in hiatus", but actually I'm writing my fool ass off, about 15,000 words a day on average.  Things have gotten a little complicated, however, so let me catch you up.

Over the last six months I've been in the hospital twice, and I've had no less than four family members likewise go in for various procedures.  My father has unfortunately been left crippled, and I had to take time out to deal with that, as well as my own illness.

The upshot is that I'm a little behind on my writing schedule -- obviously -- but not too much.  That is, Super Secret Project #2 had to take priority, Super Secret Project #1 got bumped up, and Magelord, alas, fell behind.  But not too much behind.  Instead of an early-winter release, it will be more like midwinter at the soonest.  In fact, the first chapters started coming back from the editor this week, so it's possible I can have the thing done by end of January, gods willing.  After that I'll finish Trask's Odyssey, or so I've planned.  Mice and men, and all that.

Magelord is looking bigger than I thought, and twice now I've had to split off chunks of the narrative to inform future projects.  But the whole thing should be pretty good, I hope.  Price will remain consistent with the other books.

But I wanted to give y'all something in the meantime, so here is the first of three planned shorts in the Spellmonger universe, Victory Soup.  It should be released on Kindle within the next 24 hours, a 25,000 short story for a mere $.99.  Hopefully that will keep you satisfied while I bang out the rest of this thing.

Thanks again for the notes of encouragement and the threats of violence if I don't finish the book.  Both have their place in my inspiration.  And I'll try to update a little more frequently now that I'm out of the weeds.

Hope you are all having a lovely holiday season!



  1. hi, first of all, i'm sorry for your troubles and i'm happy that the worst is over :)
    second, i'm literally going mad waiting for MageLord...not joking lol
    so i'm putting up an idea, why not steal a good one from dear old Baen Books? put on Amazon a rought draft,explaining that you're selling just that a provisional draft and that later there will be the proofed book, and make it pricey, say 20$(i would pay even 30$ to have it NOW lol) and i assure you that you'll get at least one sell ;)
    Really, think about it ^^

  2. So sorry to hear about all you have been through. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. :(

    Having said that, I've already re-read both Spellmonger and Warmage AGAIN and Victory Soup 4 times!

    I can not WAIT for Magelord, but if I have to it will be on pins and needles.

    Those last 2 short stories would be a GREAT help in easing my suffering.... /coughHINTcough ;)

    PS: Agree with Fox! EArc's are a MAJOR money-maker for Baen. With your support base you could take advantage of it easily. Just my 2 cents

  3. Do you have a solid release date for Magelord? Or do you still have work to perform to get it ready for release?

  4. gotta change the title of the post in :"The Rumors Of My Hiatus Have NOT Been Greatly Exaggerated..."...:sad:

  5. Mr. Mancour, I love your works, in fact I may love them TOO much! But can we at least get the next of the three short stories, or snippets of Magelord or SOMETHING?!? I mean I understand a writing delay, perfection doesn't happen over night after all, but you're beginning to disillusion your readers sir. We have money and we want to give it to you! Why do you persist in denying us this?

  6. so, is there any hope of finding out anything at all or is better to simply give up?

  7. Dudes, the guy will finish when he finishes.

  8. Hopefully Terry hasn't gotten ill again, and more importantly, his family hasn't gotten ill again.

    To bad his publisher or publisist can't put something up to let us know he's ok

  9. I enjoyed this short, and would recommend anyone who is reading the Spellmonger series to pick it up. It was a nice piece of writing and got me psyched for your upcoming release. Keep up the good work Terry. Hope to see something new soon.