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Friday, October 21, 2011

The Wreck Of The Eagle 1 . . . Article on the nostalgia of space ship toys

Okay, I'm back from the convention.  Blew my mind.  In mostly a good way.  Special thanks to Lance at Geek Box for the inclusion, the kind folks at the Newark Airport Howard Johnson's (right in the path of the planes taking off, and I didn't hear a one -- great place for your next mob hit), and the patient and understanding folks of the NYPD.  We promise it won't happen again.
The Eagle -1, last of the great NASA-inspired designs

But in between finishing up Warmage (up to Chapter 32, 188,000 words but it is, finally, drawing to a close), working my wonderful day job, doing a little marketing on the side, and taking care of my filial obligations, I had time to bang out a quick article on space ship toys.  Specifically, the mega-cool diorama of the Eagle-1, from Space: 1999 fame.  Probably the coolest ship from the lamest show ever.  If you're into collectibles, toys, space ships, sci-fi, or pre-Star Wars nostalgia, surf on over and enjoy.  If you don't . . . what the hell are you doing reading this?  Do I know you?  You're not into sci-fi?  At least?

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  1. I remember that show. Finished Spellmonger a while a go and loved it! Can't wait for Warmage! On a side note when is the ETA?

    Thanks your fan Darrel