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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Planning on being at the NY Comic Con next month...

A good friend of mine (hey, Lance!) is going to the show and invited me along.  I'll be pumpin' Spellmonger, pimpin' Tanith, and toutin' the new Warmage (in progress, but it should be finished by then).

It occurs to me that in the Age of Kindle, that "book signings" are going to be . . . well, bookless.  Yet too many people want the experience of some tangible sign that they actually met, conversed and/or slept with the author, live and in person.  How to solve this intractable problem?  Well, porn stars do it (because people rarely proudly display their porn DVDs) by autographing a specially-prepared one-sheet, usually a seductive glossy photo with their name and perhaps a few of their movies listed on it.  I might have one or two myself.

What I'm thinking of doing is similar.  I'm going to print out a couple of dozen decent copies of the cover of the book, maybe with some promotional crap and this blog name etc. etc. on it.  I'll see if anyone wants it.  Heck, it could be a collector's item some day.  No, really.  Don't forget that baseball cards and the like got started that way.

In any case, if you're at the con, look me up.  I'll be hanging around the cool looking tatooed dudes over at 4CornersConcepts and GeekBoxes.  And yes, consider that a plug: because if you're going to spend THAT fracking much on a "collectible action figure", then you should blow the extra grand to display (and protect!) them in style.

Oh, and I'm going to be shamelessly peddling a comic script I wrote called By Angels Hunted.  It's about a demon with a heart of gold.  No, really.

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