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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Princess Valerie's War is UP!

Princess Valerie's War, my second Space Viking sequel, is now live on  Cover art is to come -- my artist went on vacation.  But the book is up and ready-to-read, at half off what I charged for the first one.

Oh, yeah.  Temporary cover art for Prince of Tanith is up.  The Second Edition will be up within 24 hours, fixing a lot of little bugs and glitches that didn't get fixed the first time around.  The book is a lot more consistent and better-edited now.

And what the heck?  I dropped the price on that one, too.  Classic space opera Atompunk for the masses.

Best yet?  I'm already 4 chapters into the next one, Trask's Odyssey.  It should be out by late this year or early 2012.


  1. Looking forward to reading PRINCE OF TANITH and this book as well. Now if you'll just finish "Unfinished Business" . . .

  2. Both 'Prince of Tanith' and 'Prince Valarie's War' are GREAT! I feel like you have done an amazing job keeping the feel of Piper alive keep up the good work! ... now VERY impatiently waiting for 'Trask's Odyssey'

  3. I have just finished both Prince of Tanith and Valerie's War. Both were very enjoyable to read and I hope it won't be long for Trask's Odyssey. Though i really enjoyed Space Viking these two sequels have really kept the story going with anticipation for Trask's Odyssey.

  4. SO, where is Trask's Odyssey now?

  5. I enjoyed both Prince of Tanith and Princess Valerie's War...I thought you did a wonderful job of storytelling. Will Trask's Odyssey ever be published or has it just been too long and other projects are now taking up your time?