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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Space Viking Sequel: Prince of Tanith!

Announcing the release of the long-awaited sequel to H. Beam Piper's classic tale of revenge in the far-future, Space Viking!  New York Times best-selling author Terry Mancour has published a full-length novel detailing the next exciting chapter in the life of Prince Lucas Trask of Tanith, Space Viking, raider of worlds, defender of inter-stellar civilization.

The novel, Prince of Tanith, is the first in at least three anticipated sequels to the Golden Age-era story.  It is available on Kindle ($7.99) and bound form at ($19.95). 

Prince of Tanith is set in the far future, based on the collected works of H. Beam Piper's classic Terro-Human Future History universe.  It takes up two years after the climactic Battle of Marduk, during which Lucas Trask finally caught up to the man who slew his new bride ten years after the horrific murder, and shot him in the head. 

His revenge taken, Trask has a whole new set of problems and opportunities at hand, from the marriage and coronation of Lady Valerie Alvaraz (now Princess Valerie Trask of Tanith) to the continued development of Tanith into a civilized world to participation in a high-priofile diplomatic conference of the Great Powers who rule what's left of the Old Federation. 

But the Trasks have many enemies: Omfray of Glaspyth, now king of Lucas' homeworld of Gram, is trying to assert his sovereignty over the rebellious colony world from three-thousand light-years away.  Lucas Trask's professional rival, Prince Viktor of Xochitl, is menacing his Realm.  Some power within the Old Federation is maneuvering to put Tanith in the crosshairs.  And a mysterious underworld figure known only as "the Wizard" seems to want to protect him from the number of assasination attempts that come his way. Caught between the newly-aggressive Sword Worlds and the deep machinations of the Great Powers of the Old Federation -- Odin, Marduk, Isis, Baldur, and Aton -- Prince Lucas steers his nascent world on a course that seems destined for destruction!

To top it all off . . . Her Highness is now pregnant with his heir.  If being a sovereign prince of a frontier world is tough, can the Space Viking handle fatherhood, too?

A delightful look back on a classic universe, this novel remains faithful to Piper's style and characters while injecting new life into the world almost 50 years after the original! 

More tantalizing details to follow, including the announcement of the second Space Viking sequel, Princess Valerie's War, forthcoming!

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    ...Am glad to come across something this good! When will 'Princess Valerie's War' & 'Trask's Odyssey' become available in bound book format? I truly detest e-books!...:-)...
    ...Do keep me posted on this. Thanks...

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    Alex Van Schuylen